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DST & MSD Realm

       Our mod is hosted on a 1.10 private server.
       Before playing on our realm or posting on our forums please read the rules.
       We hope you enjoy your time here and make lots of new freinds and enjoy your stay.

       DST MSD Realm is free to play...

  Some Changes you will find on DST MSD Realm.

    1. Ubers have been added just like 1.11.
    2. Jewel's and Rune's can be gambled, up to Lem.
    3. Gamble screen increased in number of items that show.
    4. Mercs have been revamped they have new skills.
    5. Mercs can wear rings, ammys, belts, boots, gloves, and any weapon.
    6. Max character level 125.
    7. Many skills re-balances and changes.
    8. Many Uniques and sets added.
    9. New Items types added ( Holy, Unholy and Wall Shields etc. )
    10. New Runewords added.
    11. Runewords able to be made in Boots Gloves Belts now.
    12. Runewords able to be made in Whites , Magic , Rare , Set Items now.
    13. New areas to Explore.
    14. Multiple new crafting systems :
         A. Random maluses - adds random modier to your items.
         B. Melee and caster maluses - like the random maluses, just more specific.
         C. Class Skills Malus - adds a random class skill to your items.
         D. Class Malus - adds + to (Class) skills to your items
         E. Tempering - many recipes to make tempered items and add mods.
    15. New Monsters.



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August 02, 11:21:10

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If you would like to support our server just Stay active. 

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