The Clan members of DST & MSD have put together a D2 1.10 Modded Private Realm.

   The Rules are simple, follow them!

Rule #1..
      Do Not Disrespect Clan Members, the Realm Admin's, or any of its Players,
      as it is the intention of the DST & MSD to create a family friendly environment.
      We are a close community; please treat each other with respect and you will
      be treated with respect. Disrespect will not be tolerated.

Rule #2..
      Do Not Spam-PM Admins, if you have a question check the forums
      first; maybe someone has already asked about it. If you can't find your answer,
      please ask in the form of a post.

Rule #3..
      If you are having problems, or being harassed by another player,
      please contact an Admin so that the situation can be resolved. We want you
      to have fun playing. Drama is highly discouraged. The DST MSD Realm
      Admin's will handle this accordingly.

Rule #4..
      Racism will Not be Tolerated, End of Story.

Rule #5..
      NO Profanity on public channels OR games; there are children that play here.
      Players must also choose a name suitable for the viewing of children. . . .
      nappropriate character names will not be allowed.

Rule #6..
      No Demanding, Begging, Spamming for Items or Rushing. If you start by
      doing this you will not get a response. You must show that you are interested in playing
      The game and level up your own character. It's not that people don't want to help others,
      but they want to play too, without constant interruptions. If you have shown that y
      ou are really trying and want to play here, people will help when you ask.
      This includes (but not limited to) making games called rush me, level me or items pls !!

Rule #7..
      Un-Sportsmanship will NOT be tolerated. Example is spamming a message
      to another player over and over again such as Rush me, Level Me, Make more
      cows or going into a game and without asking doing any quests that the player
      may have not done yet as a partied member or non partied member with out
      asking first. Just because the game is a public game (no password) doesn't
      mean its a free for all to do as they please. Be polite and ask if you can do the
      bosses you may find they are willing to follow and learn from you or
      want help from you for that quest.

Rule #8..
      No Bot's of any type are allowed. There is no need for Bots;
      this isn't Every Item in the game can either drop or be made.
      The only hacks allowed are MOUSEPADS MAP HACK up to version 6.5f
      and a D2 Loader. (C3PO's loader only is acceptable but the map hack part will
      cause game crashes) Any other map hack's can cause game crashes and if
      caught using any bots or hacks your realm account will be removed PERMANETLY !!

Rule #9..
      Use the Loader for a safe transfer of gear or rushing your own character only !!.
      *Rushing is limited to 1 character at a time. Loading a game for better exp or
      drops is a bannable offense !! So lets be smart when using the loader.

      Remember that playing here is a privilege not a right !!

Rule #10..
      If you are having any problems, please post your problem on the forum;
      someone will get back with you, or you can inform the Admin on channel >.<

Rule #11..
      Regarding Hardcore or Softcore this is a modded 1.10 patch monsters are stronger
      be warned. We will not rollback your character if you die from Lag, Bugs,
      Server crashes or any other means. Don't even ask we don't hear you.

Rule #12..
      It is up to the discretion of the Admin's to create new rules and invoke existing rules.
      Anyone that violates these rules will be banned from playing in the realm.
      Temporary or Permanent as deemed necessary.

Rule #13
      No references to Sexual or Drug related topics such as account names,
      character names and game names. NO Foul language as in being sexual, drug,
      criminal, or profane in reference. We all make a mistake but keep in mind
      we have children that play here and even have grand children watching
      or listening so keep it clean. - If you think it maybe close to wrong then
      it probably is so be aware of what you say and who you say it to.

Rule #14
      If you have any additional programs you wish to incorporate into this realm,
      you must first receive the approval FROM an ADMIN.
      This also includes POSTING LINKS on the FORUM without approval FROM an ADMIN.
      When posting a link you must say that link was approved by and name the
      admin who you pm'd link to for approval

Rule #15
      Mulitple Accounts are NOT permitted without approval From Mutiple Admins.

Rule #16
      Once you have been invited to play on the realm...
      You WILL not share your account with anyone! ...
      your Brother, Sister, Best Friend, Mom, Dad, Bully down the street...
      We invited YOU ONLY! AUTO BAN!!!!!

Rule #17
      The most important rules are number 1 and number 7

*** This Realm IS NOT Battle . Net!!! and Fair Play is Mandatory ***

      We have a "ZERO TOLERANCE pOLICY" for those that violate these rules.

           - This means that if you break the rules then you are gone, period.


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